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 Barrys Cosmological Dynamic Binary Position

                                    Welcome to my latest site creation named Barrys Cosmological Dynamic Binary Position. Please find my works and the equation used for this site below by clicking on the links below. The works have been published and copyrighted under the W.I.P.O. organization. I have provided some extra copyrights on this site to demonstrate how I wrote my Equation these are Real time cryptographics using different types of motion and Energy. This website has been upgraded and now mobile friendly ! Please note I have recently added Barry's System 12228 Interface combining both linear and Curvature motion that supports the equation I wrote on this website in addition to Time and Space Formation.

                                     The equations on this website are based on Intelligent Design-God. I am also adding a new work entitled Scientific Collection of Biblical Works . This work was a foundation for later published and copyrighted work.

                                      I will be adding more Intelligent Design based works. I am adding Barrys Discussion on Why the Lorentz Factor is incorrect  also Thoughts on Rotating Blackholes. Please click link to read. The work was published and copyrighted in 2013.

                                      I have corrected the download link for Real Time Linear Cryptographics it was missing on 11/21/2016. I have been approved for my 68th Copyright named Barry's Discussion on Partially binded Particles . This work has a three tier level Mathematical Equation using Space-time and Intelligent Design-God. I  I have added a Google Custom Search Engine for friendlier site search results and social media buttons.


                                               Barrys Cosmological Dynamic binary Position Published Works                                         

  Barrys Discussion on Why the Cosmological Constant is incorrectBarrys hexadecagon Network Topology Design

  Barrys Decagon and Network Topology Design | Why Evolution is incorrect in a binary system

                                              Work Used to arrive at my Equation's

 Barrys Real Time Linear Cryptographics  | Barrys Real Time Circular Cryptographics 

 Barrys Real Time Linear Circular Cryptography | Barry's System 12228 Interface |

 Barrys Discussion on 2nd Dimension Time Equations | Visual Super Non-Symmetrical Application Design


   Barrys Scientific Based Products | Barry Equality Field Equation  |


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